About Us


Heritage Baptist Church 


is a Fundamental,  Non-Charismatic,  Pre-Millennial, Independent Baptist Church situated in Bangalore, South India.

The King James Version (KJV) is considered the closest and best English translation from the original Greek Text and is used for Worship, Sunday Bible School and Personal Bible studies.

The Church was earlier know as OLIVET-GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH, as two local churches had merged together into one family!

Early Days 

This church is the labour and toil of a few Missionary Aunties, namely Miss Helen Sension, Miss Olive Brittain, Miss Swanson and Dr. & Mrs. Eric (Bobby) Franks.

Olivet Baptist Church was started in 1983-84 to reach out to the Anglo Indian Community at Austin Town. The church was led by several men of God- T.S Abraham, Dr. Franks, Varghese John and Adrian Hendricks.

Grace Baptist Church was the result of the outreach work in Wilson Garden which blossomed into a local church in 1987. The sermons were translated into the local language and the congregation grew under the leadership of Dr. Franks and Saji P. Thomas 

Coming Together

With both of these like-minded churches separated by just a few kilometres, they decided that they two would become one and thus was born OLIVET-GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH IN 2000. Dr Franks was chosen to be the pastor and assisted by R.B Raju & Adrian Hendricks.

This year also added in new members from a Tamil Church who had come to join our fellowship and the church grew spiritually & physically, as the Lord added.

 Dr. Franks resigned from being the pastor of the church in 2002 and Adrian Hendricks was chosen in his place. Dr. Franks, however is always available as a mentor and advisor to all the churches which he started.


What's in a name?

In 2012, the Church decided to choose a new name for itself. A Name which would signify who they were, who they are and who they wish to be, hence the name HERITAGE!


Looking back, we cherish the rich Heritage God has given us through all who laboured to make us who we are.


Looking at ourselves, we are reminded, now, we are God’s Heritage, His purchased possession, for His purposes!


Looking ahead, we desire to leave behind a Heritage, a legacy, which would lead others to Christ!


Road Ahead


 HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH is committed to loving and obeying Jesus Christ and fulfilling His plans and purposes for our existence. We preach the Word uncompromisingly and trust God to change the lives of the hearers.


The Church family is built up with individual families and hence we focus much on families.